State laws in Maine currently DO NOT MANDATE flu vaccination for eligibility to any service including school or employment. There are state-wide vaccination requirements and recommendations, but Maine residents currently retain the right to file an exemption based on philosophical, religious or medical reasons for one or all vaccines. 


In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been reported that the Maine CDC is recommending certain employers start requiring flu vaccination for their employees. Unfortunately, private employers may require certain vaccinations as a condition of employment. 


It is important to note that the seasonal influenza or flu vaccine DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST COVID-19. According to the CDC “Flu vaccines DO NOT protect against infection and illness caused by other viruses that also can cause flu-like symptoms.” Additionally, the public health precautions already in place including increased handwashing/sanitizing, masking and physical distancing will be very effective in preventing the spread illnesses beyond COVID-19, including the flu.

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  • There is no state law mandating the flu vaccine as a condition of employment. If your employer is requiring flu vaccination, have a conversation with them. 

  • If you decide to consent and receive the flu vaccine, make sure that your employer provides vaccination clinics that are free and accessible to you at work. Receiving a flu vaccine while on the clock and at work makes you eligible to receive Workers' Comp should you be injured by the vaccine.




  • State law does not mandate you to require that your employees receive the flu vaccine.

  •  Influenza vaccine effectiveness ranges from 19-52%, however COVID protocols already in place (masking, increased hand washing, physical distancing) will already drastically reduce the spread of influenza in addition to COVID-19.

  •  If you are going to require the flu vaccine as a condition of employment, you may be liable if one of your employees is injured by the vaccine (more money has been paid out for injuries from the flu vaccine than any other on the market). You must provide it to employees on site while they are working and they will be eligible to file workplace injuries through Workers' Comp if they are injured by the vaccine.

Has your employer mandated the flu vaccine for work?